Best E Juice Flavors – Top 5 E Juice Flavors

If you are somebody who have begun your journey of shifting from regular cigarettes to electronic cigars experimenting with flavors is the name of the game. Trying out new flavors is like being given the chance to eat different kinds of food. The prospect is exciting. As a beginner, you might start with tobacco and menthol flavors and later on transition into sweet and fruity blends. However, have you ask this question at one point about what kind of blend does the average user go for? Not all e juice is created equal as you can look for example on ixivixi website for different e-cigs and e-liquids. There are those that are more complicated than the rest. These are brands that manage to please at least 30,000 respondents.

Top 5 E Juices by Popular Demand

  1. Black Note. This is a naturally extracted tobacco mixer that gives you the realistic tobacco flavors that you always like about your cigarette. This is said to be free from harmful chemicals and is said to be the one of the premium tobacco flavored e juice around. Consumers positive response is proof that this is one of the brands to beat


  1. Five Pawns. The packaging bottle for this product resembles Black Note at some point. However, users are enthusiastic about its ultra-premium craft e juice products. The flavors are rich and you cannot find these anywhere else. The vapors are truly satisfying. You can give this a try if you want to know if the results are really like what users say
  1. VaporFi Reserve. If there is a word that will describe this e juice it would be the word decadent. Its Artisan Collection is marketed towards the drippers and those who want to try out the new sub ohm tanks. They refer to this as sub ohm because of the intensified experience that you will not get anywhere else. This product uses top rated glycerin
  1. Vapor Chef. As the name implies the concoction is made by an ex professional chef so that the components are artfully balanced. You will only get this result when you eat the best meals. The names are even good enough to eat in terms of specific Vapor Chef Flavors. The Chef is willing to take risks and it shows in the kind of product that this company produce

 vapor chef

  1. Good Vape. This product hails from Southern California. This company produce e juices from 2012 and has never turn back ever since. Most of their selections are dessert blends. Nine of these include fruit flavors while three are classic bakery flavor profiles. This is now diacetyl free which is what sells at the moment because of safety issues about the ingredients use on e-juices 

There can be some facts about vaping that are far off from the real facts. No one can blame you for being careful with the FDA ruling viewing e-juices from a different light is just normal. E-liquid ingredients are not mysterious at all. If you would find time to do a little research. Pretty soon you can make a better judgment whether the facts said are true or it is just media hype.

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