Best E Liquid – E Liquid to Stop Smoking

If you want to quit smoking eventually you will search for the same flavor as your old cigarette. If you are new to the world of vaping it is easy to become overwhelm with the numerous numbers of choices that you can select from. You might not be aware of this but; most of the e-liquid sold out there has four ingredients. The USP is the official public safety authority that regulates all over the counter medicines and consumer products associated with public health. Choosing a product that has USP approval means there is fewer risks involve towards your health and over-all well-being. This also means lesser potential of having contaminants or toxins in your e-liquid.

Top 10 Best E Liquid Brands

  1. Cuttwood. This product is also known as the Sauce Boss and is from Los Angeles, California. Despite some controversies thrown in the past towards this brand it remains a popular choice among its growing clientele. You might just be one of them. Cuttwood contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This percentage actually intensifies your vaping experience a couple of notches up. Some users say that this is a well-rounded e liquid with all of the good stuff thrown into it
  2. TNT Time Bomb Vapors E-Juice. You will actually fall in love with their exceptional e-juice. This product has received rave reviews worldwide because it is delicious. The blend of fruit flavors makes the liquid more exciting when it hits the throat. This is not your typical flavor because from the moment that you inhale and exhale you will experience the vapors and identify which fruit it is you are tasting


  1. Mad Hatter Juice. Just as wild as the character it was named for. This manufacturer believes on the principle of Go Big or Go Home. They have recently released their Donut flavors. This comes in a pink donut box covered with interesting and attractive graphics. The box contains the information regarding what the stuff has in terms of ingredients. There is no need for you to enter a guessing game contest with this. The donut stuff is not really a gimmick although it looks that way. It is just a glimpse of what you can expect from this product
  1. Kilo E-Liquid. Kilo uses the industry standard for safe e-liquids. This company also offers different milligrams of nicotine in each of their products. Kilo might have only four flavors but, these are great flavors like Dewberry Cream, Tru Blue to name a few. This company manufactures e-liquid. Kilo tries to come up with fresh new flavors that you will love better than the last one
  1. Illuminati by Propaganda E Liquid. They named this product like so to give it that “beast” profile. Sensationally interesting to say the least. However, the ratio is 60/40 percent which is slightly different from those offered by other e-liquid companies out there. This may somehow prevent new users from buying this product however, its track record can testify to this product being a crowd favorite
  1. One Hit Wonder E-Juice. One of the advantages why users like buying this brand is because of its cheap price. Even if it is sold cheap the quality is not affected at all. You will notice that even if buyers would go for the cheap route pretty soon if they are not pleased with the taste they will move on and buy something that they will like using. It looks like One Hit Wonder E Juice has manage to tickle users’ fancy after all because of their huge sales record
  1. Buckshot E-Liquid. This product is all about the mixes. Again, this does not follow the regular standard rating for percentages but, to their credit people are buying their products. The way that the logo was designed is a good come-on for new users. They cannot help if they look forward to what Buckshot has to offer in terms of flavor and enjoyment
  1. Adam Bomb. At the moment this brand sells 8 flavors with a low price. You cannot refuse such an offer. Small players like this company will add new flavors every year or six months to see how it will fair. Once users like you buy loads of that particular new flavor they move on and add new flavors with the same method. In other words, Adam Bomb was created to please users like you

Adam Bomb

  1. Five Pawns E-Liquid. This brand sells eight liquids. The five juices are part of their insignia series while the rest of the three are new flavors. If you are just about to buy these it would be advisable to settle with the old series before you venture into the new ones. Once it moves on to their elite series this means the sales guarantee that the flavor indeed is delicious enough to garner such following
  1. Liquid State. This is a pretty new comer however; it is starting to make waves in the United States where it is made. True to its motto, Vape Your State its flavors represent different States. This is represented by means of a popular dish in that particular state. Their bottles are all in red. This creates a dashing appearance especially for those new to vaping. If Liquid State wants to capture the attention of buyers they did so successfully with the use of these red bottles. Where some brands deduct the 70% this one actually makes it 80% vegetable. It was not explained if this was to attract vegetarians in using this e-liquid

Whatever it is you wish to use it all boils down to having the safe dosage. You actually have to do a little experimentation on knowing which flavors appeal to your taste. After all it is the desire of products like this to make the shift from regular cigarette to e-liquid as easy as possible. On top of this, you are given the chance to quit smoking with the help of ingredients that will not harm you. When it comes to nicotine you need to recall just how much you smoke prior to vaping. If you are a heavy smoker pick full flavored 24 mg. or higher to satisfy your needs. The transition should be as easy for you until such time that you actually can do away with smoking. It is after all, the intention of products like this to help you successfully conquer your smoking habit.

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