Dune E Cigs Review – eCigarette Facts

If you like to quit smoking but, don’t know how to do it there is a great alternative out in the market: Dune E Cigs. Dune eCigarette looks and feels like an old fashion cigarette minus the smoke and flame. This is a battery powered device that allows you to inhale and exhale flavored vapor. To make you feel that you are still smoking a traditional cigarette once you take a puff you will see vapor that resembles a smoke and taste the rich tobacco flavor. Since the LED light is blue, people who sees you smoking will not give you that mean look. This cigarette gives you the freedom to smoke in public places like the train or in the mall.  This is definitely a higher quality of electronic cigarette as compared to those sold in the market. This time it really looks fashionable on you.

Even pharmacies and other major retailers are stocking their products because they believe that there is a potential growth in the number of users for this product. It is a matter of educating people that they have a choice on how to conquer their smoking habit and this is it. Nicotine is addictive which is why products like these are tools to help wean smokers off their addiction. The goal is to eventually stop smoking. If there are supporters of consumer products like these there are those that belong to those who veto it. Some say that electronic products like these can cause dry cough. At times they may cause mouth and throat irritation. Some of these who are against E cigarettes say that no study has yet been made regarding the long term effects of using these cigarettes.


In general E Cigarettes are made up of these:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Replacement or refillable cartridge
  • Atomizer that transforms the liquid to vapor
  • Microchip that controls the rechargeable battery or USB charger
  • LED light that does not cause fire hazard because it is not hot or a source of fire

Dune offers a huge selection of kits that includes e-Liquids, disposable and other accessories. Each Dune E Cig kit contains 1 battery, 1 USB charger, 2 tobacco cartridges and instruction manual. The kit comes inside a nice little metal case. This is a nicotine and tobacco free device that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. You got the chance to enjoy the sensation of traditional smoking without the harmful effects associated with it. To activate the device you need to simply inhale the mouthpiece. The device will automatically switch on as the LED light comes on. Every time you inhale a burst of satisfying flavored vapor wafts in your nostrils. It automatically turns off as soon as you stop inhaling. This is how simple it is to control this device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the vapor that this device releases?

Answer: Dune E Cigs releases harmless water vapor that vanishes in a matter of seconds without hazardous effects to you or your environment

Question: Is this considered as smoking cessation product?

Answer: Not yet, those in the E Cigarette industry are working to classify this product as such

Question: Can you save more if you use E Cigarette?

Answer: Definitely yes, if you will compute how much you spend on traditional cigarettes versus what you will spend on the cost of flavor alone you get to save a lot

Question: How long will an E Cigarette last?

Answer: Each E Cigarette will last from 6 to 9 hours. This means if you stop inhaling and puffing after you feel satiated the cigarette will last longer unlike the standard cigarette that will continue to burn after you stop smoking. You can no longer use the cigarette when it is shorter.

The trick is that Dune E Cigs tricks your body and mind in thinking that you are smoking because of the hand and mouth motion. This makes it easy for you to withdraw your nicotine habit. These smokingare the same testimonials that you will find when you read reviews given by users. As a proof that users are growing, reports have been made that globally E Cigarette is worth more than $2 Billion since it was introduce to consumers in 2003. Sometimes the problem lies in people who fear that these are just starter drugs for teenagers who may likely graduate into taking tobacco products. This is the ongoing debate among those who favor the use of E cigarette versus using the traditional cigarettes. If you are thinking of quitting the smoking habit you have to weigh up your options. Sufficient information was given to you through this review to help you decide if this is product is for you or not. With a proven track record it would be easier for you to make the decision. Being able to acknowledge that you got an addiction is the first step towards your recovery in kicking this smoking habit. This will help you take control of your life and health. Choose wisely.

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