E Cigarette Brands – Using E Cigarette to Quit Smoking

Choosing an electronic cigarette for the first time can be overwhelming especially when there are thousands of brands sold out there. Which one will suit you? If you are a first time user, disposables might be a good idea to get a feel for what vaping is. This will save you from purchasing a product that you will not use long term. Once you got the hang of it you can move on to choosing electronic cigarettes flavors that will perfectly match your taste and style. There are hundreds if not thousands that give you that basic tobacco taste and flavor to make the shift as easy as possible. By using this electronic cigarette brand you can actually help yourself wean over the actual cigarettes. Results will not happen overnight though with some taking three years before you can conquer smoking or in some minor cases go back to using regular tobacco.

Best E Cigarette Brands

  • V2 Electronic Cigarette. At present this brand holds the top spot. The consumers vote for them because of their reliable cigarettes that have a fantastic selection of flavors. You will find their fresh pick hard to resist. V2 is known for not just a popular brand but, a product that performs well and beyond its competitor
  • Vapor Fi. This company has more than 30,000 custom brands that you can simply choose from or have a hard time deciding which ones you would purchase at a given time. If you want to buy this brand better create a list so that you can keep tabs of which flavors you wish to use again. That is, after you have exhausted using the several thousand custom brands that VaporFi has.

vapor fi

  • Dune E Cigarette. One thing is clear using this product actually will help you save on cash because some users say that they can do away with smoking until another day by just vaping at one Dune electronic cigarette. The blue LED light is said to be a nice change than the red ones that you often see in regular tobacco. If it is higher quality brand that you will do fine with Dune
  • Green Smoke. There is no doubt about this brand’s success on brand name alone they have pick a winning one. With an aggressive marketing campaign it has built a solid following among the vaping community. Their most complete package is aptly known as The Ultimate Kit. This comes with three rechargeable batteries. You also get 10 prefilled cartomizers, 2 USB chargers, wall adapter, car charger and a sturdy looking carrying case. Some say that this is one of the most expensive kits sold in the market however, the kit contains a large number of stuff that will actually make it more affordable than other brands sold out there
  • NJoy E Cig. This is a brand that is taking the ECig by storm because of its uniqueness. This e cigarette feels and looks like the old tobacco that you love without the harmful effects attach to it though. It pleases your throat however, some say a day after when your body is adjusting to this brand you can still a little queasy in the tummy
  • White Cloud. This brand packages itself as your best option to conquer that smoking habit. Among the positives this brand uses the best battery technology; It has various kinds of starter kits and great flavors which are updated seasonally. However, on the downside it has no portable charging cases, batteries have limited colors and if you are going for extended warranty you have to pay for additional fees
  • Vapor4Life. You can choose from their wide range of selection in terms of sizes. This company offers you money back guarantee which is not as common as the other popular brands sold out there. Their old models are the Original and Classic Vapor Kings. These two classics are still selling well in the market. Their new releases are actually encountering some issues on vapor production. Users say to stick to these classics instead


  • Volcano E Cig. This brand is said to be a fabricator of electronic cigarettes. You can choose their standard and advanced electronic cigarettes. When it comes to being solid, this company has existed for almost four years now. If you have high expectations when using electronic cigarette this is the one for you. When it comes to the advantage of using Volcano you have variable voltage option on their Lavatube. They are known for their excellent customer service as well. However, setbacks include the failure of their V kit cartridge to perform at times. The Magma gets hot when in use which should not be the case. On top of this Lavatube is said to be a bit pricey
  • Joyetech. This brand sells a high tech sophisticated tank. The batteries are powerful enough to use. Users are raving over its great vape plume. You have the freedom to control your vaping and air intake. You cannot usually see something like this in most brands sold out there. The e-liquid use is not messy as well. This means you get to enjoy your vaping time without the worried after mess that it will create. Even if this is high tech it is not hard to figure out how to use this. In fact, new users find it easy to use Joyetech

By now you will notice that each of these brands sold their product in kits. Look for awesome kits that are considered by users as the best that this industry has to offer. The easiest to use are those that you can simply use as soon as you open the kit. You must never forget to charge the battery and screw a fresh tip to begin puffing away. The first one that manufacturers introduce was what they refer to as first generation because it was the first style that they introduce. However, current brands are part of the new generation. One thing is clear the goal to help you conquer smoking once and for all was never lost with each new product and model introduced.

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