E Cigarette Price – Most Affordable Cigarette

For people who support the use of electronic cigarette over tobacco it is not just the smoking pleasure that they derive out of using these but the price as well. It is a fact that with ecigs, the cost of maintaining a habit like this comes cheap. Prices for conventional cigarettes are increasing. Therefore having a refill for your cartomizer is more favorable than buying a pack of cigarettes. For just several drops of e-juice it is enough to fill a tank that you can use for the day or even for the next one. This means you got to save more.


When it comes to the comparison between using 10 ml bottle of electronic juice, it is equivalent to 5 packs of conventional cigarette. Imagine the cost of these 5 packs as oppose to just 10 ml of electronic juice? This means a 50 ml bottle would give you 25 packs of regular cigars. In the United States the average industry price for a pack of regular cigars is $6. In terms of e-juice this cost only $1.40. That is a difference of $4. That means with the money that you use to purchase a pack of regular cigarettes you can buy four 10 ml bottle of e-juice. You don’t have to be good at math to see the difference. This means you got to save more than $1,500 in savings per year.

Even if you spend twice as much on vaping supplies this is just a small fraction of the cost of smoking. What about the price for a starter kit? A kit on average costs below $100 with an average cost of $60 which includes an e cigarette with a built-in battery. The kit also comes with a USB charger and refillable e-liquid cartridge. What you are required to do when e-juice supply runs out is to buy bottles of it. After you invest in a starter kit all that you need to buy is the e-liquid.

You must not forget the tax that goes with each regular cigarette. Because of the tax alone you can look at saving at least more than $3,000 a year. Imagine what this can do to your savings. You can use this amount to buy a big ticket item or use it for investment. Imagine using a regular cigarette and throwing all that money. It is just a total waste without you knowing it.


How about vaping how much do you spend on this habit? On average you are looking at saving $150 a month as compared to using that on regular cigarettes. On top of this you got to vape your way to a healthier and cheaper lifestyle as oppose to the one that you previously have with your regular cigarette. There is also that adventure of finding new flavors that you can enjoy vaping unlike your old cigarette that only comes with a few flavors.  The scent left behind by vaping is not as obnoxious as those left behind with the use of regular cigarettes. If there are people in your household who dislikes the scent of your regular cigarette this time you will not hear such complaints. You can also smoke even in crowded public places because there is no harmful smoke that comes from vaping. With all of these advantages it is a no brainer to say that electronic cigarettes are way better than regular cigarettes and it’s not just the price.

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