Top 10 E Cigarette- Best E Cigarettes to Quit

Cigarettes are related to death and illness. However, when it comes to E Cigarettes this does not cause these risks. On the contrary, these E Cigarettes help you to stop this vice and addictive habit. Evidence shows how smokers like you can reduce your health risks if you use this instead of tobacco. The vapors that come from these are not harmful to others in contrast to the smoke emitted by tobacco. Nicotine causes addiction but, it does not cause death but, the smoke is what kills. Secondary smokers are victims of what you smoke. Not all people are supporters of E Cigarettes though however, there is no evidence of what they refer to as long term damage to your health and those around you.

Best Brands of E Cigarettes

  1. Dune E Cig. This is a Canadian made E cigarette that delivers one of the best overall performance. There might be some places where this cigarette needs to improve but, one thing remains clear and that is Dune is highly recommended by users. It would not land in the list of the top 10 if it is not good. Even if you are a beginner you will find their E cigarettes easy to use. The instructions are very helpful and in no time you will be able to start puffing away. Dune’s starter kit has great flavors and is affordable without compensating quality
  1. V2 Cigs. This cigarette company has completed its transition on their EX line of products. This new line are E Cigarettes with refillable tanks with more powerful batteries. Their cigarettes taste better and has increase vapor production without feeling heavy. Essentially, EX series is a hybrid of the former portable and miniature versions of their older version. A lot of people who have tried this brand are vouching form it. They are impress with the standard kit that contains everything that you need to puff some vapors. There is also that offer that you will get your money back if anything from the package goes wrong.

v2 cigs

  1. VaporFi. This is a brand proud of its fantastic selection of refillable tank style E cigarettes. On the plus side, VaporFi carries good vapor production, good taste and good battery life. This brand also carries more than 30,000 custom blends. If it is quality with good value this is the E cigarette for you. The kits that VaporFi sells is both suitable for beginners and advanced vapers. Vice Starter Kit offers a safe and fun way to sub-ohm vaping with a powerful 2200mAh battery. You will see a tube shape mods instead of the standard box shape. The tank has a small window that allows you to check on the level of liquid. This way you will know when you need to refill.
  1. Halo Cigs. This cigarette is known as an innovator in this industry of electronic cigars because it offers advance hardware. The result is a great smoking experience. What Halo Cigs is proud of is its Triton Tank System. Halo is also known for its wide range of flavor selection. Halo is proof that better ingredients can produce better smoke juice. Cool is the right way to describe the packaging, wall charger and carrying cases that comes with your purchase.
  1. Mig Vapor. This is the fastest growing brand because its tank, battery and products are built to last. Mig Vapor has its Mig 21, a miniature version of E cigars that is packed with big power and taste. It is even the size of a traditional cigarette. This brand has manage to climb the limelight even if it was once a brand that nobody recognizes. Just like those that belong to this top 10 list Mig Vapor has the right stuff for you if you are a beginner or even if you are in your advanced type of smoking.
  1. Apollo E Cig. This is geared towards advance users. If you classify yourself as one of those in advance this is the right cigar for you. It has a model dubbed as eGO which has fantastic batteries that connects to a wide range of tanks. This brand joined the bandwagon and produce for itself a big following. It has its own research and development team that are passionate about you winning the war against smoking.
  1. South Beach Smoke. This is not a newcomer in this industry because it existed for a long time. This is a solid choice for beginners. South Beach Smoke is an option if you want to use a product that comes from a reputable company. It is proud of its SuperMAXX batteries. It has an awesome vapor production that makes you feel great about using E cigars instead of the usual tobacco based ones.
  1. Juul. This is the E cigar for you if you are after simple yet stylish design E cigar. On top of being so easy to use it outperforms even the expensive brands. Juul offers four kinds of cartridges with its starter kit. Users admit that Juul wins hands down in terms of design. It also helps that this is a very affordable product.


  1. Blu eCigs. If you want an authentic tobacco taste this is the brand for you. Their starter kit comes with a USB charger and car charger which means wherever you are you can use this cigar. Blu eCig comes in a small black slim tube container that has LED lights on the tip. If you love slick designs you will definitely fall for Blu.
  1. Smokeless Image Volt. This E cigar has manage to land on the top ten list because it has the right image to attract users like you. You will get a satisfying hit with the vapor flavors better than those inferior products sold by other brands out there. This brand has the potential to climb the list if it continues to delights users especially those that are unfamiliar with this brand.

With so many people addicted to cigarettes the goal of E cigarettes is to help you to quit. Some people might still question whether this is really a healthier alternative. Not all people are aware that once you start to stop smoking the standard tobacco cigar the body repairs itself. It might even save your life because you won’t die young. Scientists’ shares that in as little as a month your lungs will start cleaning out the gunky residue slowly lodge there by repetitious smoking. After this residue is out you can breathe easier. With such great results no wonder more and more people are joining in by sayin goodbye to their tobacco and saying Hi to E cigarettes.

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