Vape Juice – What Makes It Unique

If you have come across articles and other commercials featuring vape juice and wondering what these are read on. Vape Juice is also known as electronic juice. These are juice for electronic cigarettes. First of all you have to understand that vaping is not really smoking although the action looks the same. Most of the e-juice brands sold out there is compose of basic five ingredients and a giant list of other stuff. A standard e-juice contains the following: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, nicotine and distilled water. Nicotine here even at the strongest one is not as harmful as the nicotine that you commonly see in an ordinary cigarette. It would be safe to say that most of the ingredients found on this product are sourced from food.

e cig ingredients

Vaping was invented by Hon Lik who is a Chinese pharmacist after his father died from cancer cause by smoking. Out for concern for others who might be facing the risks of acquiring cancer even those that don’t smoke Hon Lik conceptualized the very first electronic cigarette and electronic liquid that goes with it. Since there are different nicotine strengths you need to check which of the brands can give you the best “hits”. If you want the same experience of feeling a strong sensation on your throat known as throat hit or kick you need stronger nicotine. See the list of the Best E Juice and know which e-juice brands are making a cut in this market for a lot of reasons.

If you are new at this you might be wondering how the vaporizer works. First, the battery powers on the atomizer or cartomizer. Next, the atomizer heats up the e-juice to create a vapor. After this you can inhale the vapor. The process is as simple as this. No need for a comprehensive guide on how to use these electronic cigarettes. One of the most common reasons why people tend to lean towards the use of these e-cigars is because of the large number of interesting flavors that you often see on restaurant menus. It is like being a smorgasbord of delicious food. When you vape there is no bad smell or a case of bad breath. You don’t need ashtrays.

You will not suffer from cigarette burns. There is no danger of causing fire because of your cigarette. There is also a lesser chance of contracting cancer or lung disease. You will not get blame that others are in danger from secondary smoking because there is no smoke. An electronic cigarette does not produce smoke like tobacco. The use of this electronic cigarette is cheaper as oppose to your regular cigars. If you want to give up smoking and is struggling at it, using this electronic cigarette will resolve this issue.

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While you are vaping there are no effects on your health. There are no known effects in your main organs. In the long run the biggest benefit is being able to permanently kick out the smoking habit. You need to face the truth that not all people can quit smoking on their own without outside help. There are some myths surrounding vaping and some of these may even be perpetrated by tobacco companies in a bid to increase their sales. After all, electronic cigarettes can pose a threat to their livelihood. With more benefits than disadvantages it would be safe to say that tobacco companies are trying to stay afloat in this industry where they lorded over for more than a hundred years. It is not easy to give up such a position in rank and wealth.

For proponents of vaping, they are dismayed with the pretty stern beating from the public towards electronic cigarettes in general. On top of this the FDA ruling did not help at all but, made some people question the safety of using electronic cigarettes. The once loved product that helps you ultimately kick the smoking habit has taken the spotlight in the wrong way. If you are misinformed no one can blame you for turning your back on these electronic alternatives. Vapors coming from these have very little to no nicotine and this makes you question whether there is some truth to the rumors or it is just something that huge tobacco companies have come up with to beat their competition. Be wise and do a little research. Don’t believe everything that you read.

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